Past Life Healing Therapy, yoga and panic attacks

Past Life Healing Therapy tells us that before searching for a cure it is important to look deeply into the root cause of the illness. It is also important to get an idea of how things will be when symptoms have been removed, because otherwise there may be unrealistic expectations about what recovery will be like. For example, eliminating anxiety is not the outcome of treatment for panic attacks; the outcome is the ability to manage and overcome these anxious feelings, emotions and fears.

For example, if group situations tend to trigger panic attacks then this can lead to being afraid of going to public places, self-confidence plummets, fears rise, and opportunities to make friends and form romantic relationships are limited; limited by a heightened sense of wanting to avoid such ‘conflict’ situations.

The precise cause of panic attacks is the subject of much debate in western medicine and is therefore still unknown. Historically, panic attacks have been attributed to over-activity of the nervous system (and, as a result, tranquilisers were often prescribed), but what causes over-activity of the nervous system? Past Life Healing Therapy tells us that the underlying cause is emotional. This can be healed two ways: Firstly, by bringing awareness to these negative thought patterns that are being self-imposed and ‘talking’ to the anxiety when in a situation of fear. Secondly, by going back to the life in which the issue first occurred and confronting the problem and understanding how that is effecting you today.

Once the healing has occurred the fear has been overcome, then self-confidence improves, fearful thinking becomes less, opportunities for relationships increase, and panic ‘triggers’ are reduced and the fear become manageable.

More recently, clinicians have been trying to understand the role of chaotic breathing in panic attacks. Some have even suggested that chaotic breathing is the cause, and not the result, of panic attacks. With this in mind, treatments for panic attacks can now include breath training.

Those who know yoga, pranayama (that is alternate nostril breathing) and mediation will be familiar with working with the breath and the concept of living a life of balance. In this way, such yogic practices can help balance the nervous system and control breath and slow thoughts – all of which help counter anxiety issues. As such, a combination of yoga and Past Life Healing Therapy can help someone overcome anxious feelings, emotions and fears.

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Testimonial for Past Life Healing Therapy session with Damian Cadman-Jones


One lady who came to see me had an issue with her self-confidence in social settings. She didn’t know if it was related or not, but she also had problems forming long-term romantic relationships. At that point, I didn’t know either; the issues could have been related to one another or not. That’s what I like about this healing work. You never know what will come up or to what conclusion your analysis will lead you to.

The self-confidence issue was most apparent when she was in social settings (or in group situations generally). She would feel like she had nothing of value or interest to share with people. She would therefore deflect attention away from herself if asked a question, for example by immediately asking someone else who was present for their view on the matter so as to avoid having to participate further in the discussion.

Further questioning about this issue brought awareness to the fact that this assumption – that she would have nothing to say of interest to anybody else- was not only wrong (how do you ever know what anybody else thinks? And why does it matter?) but self-imposed. As it was it was self-imposed it could be dropped with some self-healing that would take place during the session.

With regard to the problem forming long-term romantic relationships, the issue was not in finding a partner but in holding onto one. Initially, she could not understand why her relationships seemed to fizzle out before long. Further questioning revealed that she was fearful of men getting to know her too well; fearful that she would not live up to her partner’s expectations. Again the issue appeared to be a lack of confidence in herself and applying a set of unhealthy assumptions about what others and (in particular) what men thought of her.

I then started asking questions about when she first could recall feelings of unworthiness/lack of confidence. She noticed the problem about 5 years ago. She had just effectively ended (‘grown apart from’) another relationship. At that time in her life her step-father was dying. He was a father figure to her and she was very fond of him.

I then started exploring her childhood memories and the relationship she had with her real father when she was growing up. During her childhood years (and for most of her adolescent years) her mother was always at risk of dying from a terminal illness. She loved her mother very much. She was also very fond of her father, but she felt like she could never really speak to her father about her emotions and her mother’s illness.

After a while, I explained that a women’s view on men will be influenced by her relationship with her father during childhood (as will a man’s view on women will be influenced by his relationship with his mother during childhood). Further questioning about her connection with her father as a child brought awareness to her rejection of her father / the masculine. This tainted her view on men from an early age and influenced her expectations when in a relationship and, ultimately, left her feeling unworthy and lacking in confidence.

I concluded that this rejection of the masculine energy was the root cause of her current issues. I explained that she would have faced the same issues in her previous life and her previous previous life, etc. This is karma. Our problems are our best teachers in life so we repeat the behaviour (often over countless lives) until we learn the lesson and evolve accordingly. To heal the wound and drop the issue you can go back to the life in which the problem first occurred, take a look, confront and overcome the issue and come back.

I then conducted a meditative trance induction to induce a heightened state of awareness and she went back to the relevant life. In the life where the rejection of the masculine energy first occurred, she never knew her father. In that life, her father had abandoned her mother whilst she was pregnant – the father being a wealthy aristocrat who preferred to run away rather than marry ‘below his class’. In that life, her mother developed a lot of anger towards the absent father and these negative emotions were first felt by her child whilst in the womb. This, then, was the beginning of the rejection of the masculine energy and awareness was brought to this.

The whole life was then explored decade by decade, including the moment of death. The issues that arose in each decade and in the moment of death presented different emotions. The lady undergoing the session could then see how the rejection of the masculine energy affected her throughout that life and how this was affecting her in her present life also. After observing the moment of death- dying consciously- and releasing all the negative emotions that affected her in that life, the healing had occurred in her present life.

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Depression and past life healing

If you suffer from depression, it can have a seemingly obvious present life cause like a response to a severe trauma. However, there also may be a lingering feeling of unworthiness or hopelessness from preceding existences. In addition, there are instances where the root cause of the depression cannot be traced to any current life event.

Major events in a persons present and past lives are stored in the soul. The trapped memories and emotions can cause a number of issues such as unreasoned thoughts, and fears. Memories and emotions need to be confronted and released in this life, and any unhealthy issues from previous existences need to be resurrected and cleared as well.

Whether or not you believe in karma, there is a clear link between memories and emotions from past-life experiences, present-life upbringing, and ongoing unresolved troubles and issues.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please contact him on 0777-900-1896 or email: or find him on Facebook: or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).


Damian Cadman-Jones successfully completed his Past Life Healing Therapist Training at Mumuksha Centre for Transformation (Mysore, India) in 2015. Such training is the very essence of the wisdom from the ancient sages of India.

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Damian was introduced to Osho’s teachings and techniques by B. Nagakumar who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation and was accepted into the order of Osho sannyasins.

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Damian was educated in the UK having read Law at University of Wales Swansea and obtained First Class Honours and a Distinction in Legal Practice. Damian worked for a top 20 national law firm as a practicing solicitor before training as a therapist.

Past life healing therapy

The soul or spirit, as it is also known, is deathless and indestructible; it undertakes countless journeys via countless lives through time and space until it unifies with the Supreme in eternal bliss. Your body is a vessel for the soul through which it can experience and learn and ultimately unify with the Supreme. The life you live could play a significant part in the evolution of your soul.

Your sole brings memories and emotions from past lives carrying them forward into your present life. These memories and emotions are frequently negative and can present themselves as present day blockages, phobias, anxieties, illnesses, injuries, etc.

Past life healing therapy is a technique that enables you to revisit the lives in which you experienced the events that left behind negative memories and emotions and manifest as problems in your present life. So instead of looking at the time in your life when an issue presents itself (be it adolescence, childhood, etc.) you go back to the life in which the problem originated. In so doing, you address the root cause of the issue and the negative emotions. Having understood this, you can let go of the emotions that have been carried over from past lives and heal yourself.

Damian conducts past life healing sessions for those who wish to benefit from this therapy. Each session starts with an issue that the person undergoing the session wishes to address, and then goes on to connect with the life in which the issue originated. Each session typically lasts about two to three hours.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please contact him on 0777-900-1896 or email: or find him on Facebook: or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).