Save yourself

I rescued a bee today.  It had flown into the house.  I watched it first, buzzing around against the window in a futile effort to fly through the glass.  It was putting maximum effort in.  It sounded like an angry bee.  It was making such a noise flapping those little wings in vain.  It occurred to me that we are all like this little bee – banging our heads against an invisible wall in a futile effort to overcome our suffering.

Nobody knows whether what you are seeing is there or not. These words you are reading may not be there or they may be there but in a totally different way.  The colours you see, the shapes, the forms- everything is projected by the eyes.  And then, your interpretation, your understanding, of these words will be different to others because your interpretation is tainted by you/ your life’s experiences.  You see things according to your own conditioning.  In this way, most suffering comes down to the opinion you have about yourself.

Past Life Healing Therapy can help you drop your issues and rise above your conditioning.  As Osho once said: 

“It’s not a question of learning much. On the contrary. It’s a question of UNLEARNING much.

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