My thoughts are killing me …

Of course your thoughts are killing you; nothing else can really hurt you.  Indeed, no one can hurt me- that’s my job!

An important part of the past life healing process is proper discussion and analysis / dissection of the issue that the person undergoing the therapy wants to address. It is necessary to get to the root cause of the issue or negative thinking pattern for the healing to work.  The cause of suffering is the way we treat our thoughts.

Life is an opportunity for realisation of this truth.  So, do not believe your thoughts.  Instead observe them and recognise that they do not belong to you, so you need not get attached. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky- they do not belong to you and they come and they go all by themselves – would you argue with a cloud?  No.  Thoughts are also like clouds as they hide reality; they hide the beautiful blue sky above if you look only at the clouds.

I caused a lot of suffering for myself following the loss of my wife.  I believed thoughts like “I wish I died” and “she was my world; my happiness depended upon her being alive”.  In believing these thoughts in the wake of my wife’s death, a part of me (or most of me!) died and I ensured any prospect of future happiness was excluded from my life.  I overcame this prolonged period of depression and PTSD when I realised that these thougths did not belong to me.  I was not the first person to lose a special someone and I would not be the last.   Further, for me to happy, no one has to live for me.  It’s my life, I live for me.  The reality is that I lost my wife.  I needed to accept the reality and ignore my thoughts of past and future; my imagination.  In any event my wife may have been reborn by now.  She may yet appear again in my lifetime as a child of mine in years to come or in some other form.  Past life healing therapy teaches me that much.

To free yourself of suffering and go deeper into meditation, you need to free yourself of thoughts.  That is not to say that must not have thoughts!  It is to say that you must not believe your thoughts without questioning them.  If you understand and recognise that thoughts do not belong to you then the thought will let go of you.

We all live in our own little imaginary worlds.  This is why it is a mistake to judge others by your own standards – how can you ever know what someone else is thinking?  This is the cause of our suffering.  We need to accept reality, to accept what is.  This is how to be here and now.

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