Past Life Healing Therapy & Meditation Workshop (Rugby) 22 April 2016 @18.30 hours

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Past Life Healing Therapy (in the format of a question and answer style talk) and offers an opportunity to participate in a guided (sound/vibration) meditation by Damian Cadman-Jones. Questions from the audience will be taken and answers to the following provided:

  1. What is Past Life Healing Therapy?
  2. How Does Past Life Healing Therapy Work?
  3. What types of issues can Past Life Healing Therapy address?
  4. Do I need to believe in reincarnation for Past Life Healing Therapy to work?
  5. If it is in the ‘past’ how can it affect me now?
  6. What is Karma?

The workshop is being hosted in conjunction with Rugby Area Yoga Society. It will take place at Rugby Quaker Centre on 22nd April 2016 at 18.30 hours:

Friends Meeting House 28 Regent Place Rugby CV21 2PN

Cost: £5

If you would like to reserve a place please email Damian at: tel: -0777 900 1896

or contact Kailash at: tel: 07876 688 099.

Spaces are limited. First come; first served.

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