“You don’t have to do anything, you have just to sit silently doing nothing, because any kind of doing is going to take you away from yourself. When you are not doing anything, the whole energy gathers inside; it is not invested anywhere. The moment you pass your mind, all the energy that was invested in thoughts is released. When you pass your heart, all the energy that was invested in your emotions, feelings, sentiments, is released.

 Now you are becoming too full of energy. This abundance of energy gives you the first taste of existence, and as this energy becomes a pillar of tremendous height and depth, you have found the connection with the cosmos. You are no longer alone. In fact, you are no more, only existence is. Then the existence, the cosmos, the life, is a sheer dance.

I teach you to be dancers.

I teach you to be lovers.

I am absolutely life affirmative, and your all religions are life negative.

I am utterly devoted to the present moment. Don’t move into the past because that is memory; there is no relevant existence to your memory anymore. Don’t move into the future because that is only imagination.

 Just remain here, and you will be surprised. If you are just now here, all thoughts disappear, because all thoughts are either of the past or of the future. No thought is of the present.

The present is so pure, so clean, so clear, just an opening into the cosmos. This is Zen, and this is the key to enter into life eternal. The very feel of life eternal takes all tensions, anxieties of old age, of sickness, of death, and birth away from you.

You have never been born and you will never die.

It is the body that has been changing.

You have been changing houses.

But you are the reality, the truth.

The truth is not outside you, it is at the innermost hidden center.

So Zen simply means doing nothing, just being. And in that utter silence of being, you slowly slowly relax, and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. You suddenly start blossoming – your eyes start having a new depth. Your gestures start having a new grace – your every act becomes sheer joy. It may be just chopping wood, it may be just carrying water from the well – it doesn’t matter.

Once you know you are not accidental to existence, once you know you are existence itself, life takes a tremendous quantum leap. You are no longer confined to the body, you are no longer confined to the small mind. You become vast and infinite, and only in this vastness and infinity can you rejoice, can you be blissful.” -Osho

Never born; never died

Only visited this planet Earth from 11th December 1931 to 19th January 1990

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please email him on damiancadmanjones@gmail.com or find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pastlifehealing.net/ or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).


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