Do you know when you’re happy?

No really, do you know when you’re happy? You know when you are unhappy, when you are in pain, but do you know when you are happy? Are you conscious of your body when it is healthy? You know when someone has hit you or you have hurt yourself but you’re not conscious of your body when it is healthy. The body does not know how to be happy; only the mind knows happiness and that is the beauty of it. You can change your outlook on life now and here!

The moment you are unhappy or fearful you lose your freedom and limit your own potential. Past Life Healing Therapy is a way to drop fears, help feel balanced, calm and centered. Past Life Healing Therapy can help you realise your own unique talents, releasing self-imposed limitations.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please email him on or find him on Facebook at or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).

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