How was Past Life Healing Therapy first discovered?

Past life healing may have been practised in India for over 4000 years. Patanjali refers to it in his yoga sutras. Osho (shortly before his death in 1990) and Devageet effectively re-invented it.

Devageet (his Osho sannyasin name; meaning divine harmony) was Osho’s private dentist. When Devageet (and a whole host of other dental experts from around the world) could not fix Osho’s tooth pain, Osho decided to heal it himself. Osho meditated on his tooth ache and went inside the tooth. He discovered the cause of his pain. In so doing, he discovered the relationship between past lives and current suffering.

It was shortly before his death in January 1990, that Osho cured his own tooth ache and delivered a message to his then dentist, which would change Devageet’s life forever. Osho explained that every human body, especially the teeth, contains memories and emotions from past lives going all the way back to the time when life and evolution first began. This is because human teeth are made of crystals so they have the capacity to store vast amounts of information; they are a personal Akashic Record. By helping people confront these ancient memories and emotions and bringing conscious awareness to the same, people can experience their external reality and let go of their current life issues and go deeper into mediation.

Devageet has since dedicated his life to meditation and self-healing. B. Nagakumar studied with Devageet in 2007, having undergone an intensive training in Transomatic Dialogue Therapy at the multiversity of the Osho Ashram, Pune, and was certified as a Transomatic Dialogue Therapist.

I was introduced to Osho’s teachings and techniques by B. Nagakumar and was certified by him as a Past Life Healing Therapist in 2015.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please email him on or find him on Facebook at

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