Past Life Healing Therapy and self-transformation

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.” Osho.

Past Life Healing Therapy is growing more popular as people seek ways to improve the quality of their lives. All of us have our own issues in life that prevent us from living life to the maximum. We avoid some situations due to previous ‘bad’ experience. This is only logical. But we then go one step further and avoid other situations based upon (misguided) assumptions about the outcome. In living this way we box ourselves in and limit our behavior accordingly. Past Life Healing Therapy can be used to drop this emotional baggage and open doors to self-transformation.

People who open up blockages and let the energy flow inside may experience intense emotions. Have the courage to transform yourself!

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please email him on or find him on Facebook at or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).


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