If it is in the ‘past’ how can it affect me now?

Past-lives are not actually in the past. Time as we think we know it doesn’t really exist, and everything is actually happening in the now and being played out in parallel universes. Therefore your ‘past’ lives may be active in your own energy right now as they are a mirror to your existence that comes from another time and another awareness.

A past life not healed can manifest itself as a present day issue. You may have experienced pains or fears or emotions or beliefs that do not “make sense” based upon your current life situation.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session with Damian Cadman-Jones, please contact him on 0777-900-1896 or email: damiancadmanjones@gmail.com or find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pastlifehealing.net/ or at Guthlaxton House, Back Street, North Kilworth, Leicestershire (mobile appointments also possible).


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